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The death of a loved one can be a complex, confusing, and emotionally difficult time for the people that he or she left behind. During the grieving process, few immediately consider financial matters. However, the decedent often leaves behind family members that depended on them for some type of financial support. If they had a life insurance policy in place, it is important to act as soon as possible. The State of Florida requires that life insurance policy claims be collected within five years from the time of death.

The two basic types of life insurance are:

  • Term life insurance: the policy owner pays a premium and a designated beneficiary receives the face amount of the policy upon death
  • Cash value life insurance: the policy owner invests money into a savings account

Reasons for a Life Insurance Claim Denial

Unfortunately, because insurance is a business, the provider will many times try to use any excuse to not honor your claim. From failure to make premium payments to accusations of fraud, they have a variety of reasons to do this. Whether you are about to initially file your claim or have already filed one and been unfairly denied, having our experienced insurance claim lawyers in Florida at your side can prove to be a great benefit.

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At Danahy & Murray, P.A., we are well-versed with respect to laws and the legal process surrounding life insurance. Our Florida insurance law firm has successfully represented hundreds of cases and recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for our clients in Florida.

Armed with the law at our side and a vast amount of experience, we absolutely are not afraid to go up against even the biggest of insurance companies and fight for the fair compensation that you are owed.

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