Failure to Investigate a Claim in Florida

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There are many ways an insurance provider can act in bad faith, and one of the most common is a failure to properly investigate a claim. Florida state law requires insurance companies to investigate claims made by their policyholders, and to share any valuable or pertinent information with them.

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Protecting The Rights of Policyholders

Wrongful denial of a claim happens for many reasons, and is often the result of an improper investigation by the insurance company. Even if your claim is not denied, the value of the compensation you receive can be drastically impacted by the results of an investigation.

In many cases, insurance companies will send out a representative, rather than a licensed adjuster, to investigate the claim. In other instances, the adjuster will only look at the areas explicitly pointed out by the policyholder, and will fail to conduct a thorough investigation. Insurance law can be complex, so it is unsurprising that many policyholders are not aware of the duty that is owed to them.

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Act Now To Protect Your Interests

We rely on our insurance policies in times of need, and bad faith often occurs at a particularly stressful time. If you believe your insurance company has not properly investigated your claim, it is important to retain an experienced lawyer as soon as possible.

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