Florida Disability Insurance Claim Lawyers

Are You Being Unfairly Denied by the Insurance Company?

Every day, numerous people across the country become disabled and are unable to work. When this occurs, they may not be able to sufficiently provide for themselves and their families without financial assistance. If they have a disability insurance policy and a legitimate claim, it should be expected that the provider will pay them the compensation they are entitled to. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and dealing with the insurance company may prove to be a difficult task.

More than 150 Years of Combined Experience

If you have submitted a claim and it has been denied, there is still hope. By retaining the services of a knowledgeable Florida disability law firm, you can significantly increase your chances of being approved through the appeals process. Our team at Danahy & Murray, P.A. has more than 150 years of combined experience, and we have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for hundreds of clients. We have the in-depth knowledge, skills, and resources to effectively help you!

There are numerous reasons that the insurance company may use to deny your disability insurance claim, including:

  • The policy holder did not pay enough money into the policy
  • The injuries that you have sustained are not covered under the policy
  • The pain from the injuries you have sustained are not severe enough to prevent working
  • The individual did not provide sufficient medical evidence and documentation to prove disability

Increasing Your Chances of Receiving Disability Benefits

From the moment you know about your disability, it is important to immediately file your claim. Make sure that all information on your application is truthful and accurate to the best of your knowledge. Also, check to see if your specific disability is covered under the policy. Throughout the process, keeping detailed notes and documentation of correspondence with the insurance company is a good idea and can turn out to be very useful later down the road.

If you have taken all the correct steps and are still being unfairly denied, contact our Florida disability attorneys at (813) 701-2296 and schedule a free case consultation!